Why WEN by Chaz is Revolutionizing Hair Care

The Haircare Industry is a billion dollar industry and there are hundreds if not thousands of products on the market today. With so many products available, finding the one that fits you best can be frustrating. A woman’s hair is her pride and joy or even her treasure, so taking good care of your hairs health is numero uno is you want to maintain those beautiful locks of hair.

Weather plays a key role in how a person’s hair looks or feels. If you live in the Southeastern United States, the dense humidity will literally make your hair stand up all while becoming more fragile. Products also play a huge role with your hair and the best thing for most people to do is to use a gentle shampoo product. Your scalp can be sensitive so respect it’s pH Balance and try not to wash your locks more than three times per week. Any more and you’ll end up stripping the scalp and follicles of moisture.

If you’re looking to give your hair the health it deserves, WEN by Chaz haircare products is the best route to go. WEN hair uses an assortment of natural ingredients such as Wild Cherry Bark, Rosemary Extract, Glycerin, Panthenol, and Chamomile Extract which leaves the hair clean and refreshed. These are high quality ingredients unlike other brands which are watered down. As the brand advertised on QVC, WEN products naturally gives you shine and added moisture. Founder Chaz Dean has been in the business for years and is a popular celebrity stylist. His approach to great haircare isn’t to cover-up the problem, but rather aid the hair for further growth. This holistic method is what his brand is all about and the success of these products are a testament to his work. Chaz Dean is revolutionizing the game one head at a time. Check out http://www.sephora.com/healthy-hair-care-kit-P374589.

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The Growth of this Dallas Bank

There are a lot of banking companies experiencing growth right. With the economy starting to recover in many areas of the country, a lot of people are looking forward to what these banks will come out with next. Nexbank is a company that continues to grow. Over the past couple of years, Nexbank has made a lot of investments into its own growth and into the growth of the local community. If you want to take things to the next level in your banking, Nexbank is a great choice for that. The company has invested a lot of money into technology to bring more offerings to people throughout the world.


From the time Nexbank was started, it has been a bank on the cutting edge of technology. This is a major difference from other banks in the area, and many people are excited about what the future holds. Nexbank recently acquired another major bank in the area, and it is now going to have an entire division dedicated to helping people save for college. If you are someone who is interested in changing banks, Nexbank is a great choice. They are one of the most highly rated banks in the entire industry because of their great work with customers.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Nexbank has done a great job of growing the business and connecting with customers. If you want to take your banking to a new level, this is the company to work with. They have a lot of new technology to make banking easier and more accessible. Over time, this is a company that is dedicated to making things better for customers throughout the entire industry.

With all of their recent acquisitions, this is a company that is prepared to take the next step. Nexbank is poised for growth in the future, and they are willing to take chances to continue on their current trend. A lot of people are excited about what the future holds for this company, especially as they continue to invest in technology.

CEO Darius Fisher is Doing Great Things

We are living in the unbridled age of digital excellence. Companies and individuals alike can turn to the internet in order to make their dreams come true, their message hard, and their reach go further and wider than ever. Status Labs, a digital reputation management company, is opening up an office in Culver City, Los Angeles. Status Labs has been at the forefront of the digital PR world for the past couple of years and CEO Darius Fisher has been capably guiding them to that position. The new Status Labs office will look to take advantage of a rising need for digital PR work in the Los Angeles area.


Darius Fisher has always been vocal about the strengths that his company possess. He appropriately pointed out, “The demand for our digital reputation solutions continues to grow in LA. So after many red-eye flights, Status Labs decided to plant roots here to service our technology and entertainment clients.”


When Status Labs opens their doors in Culver City officially they will have Spencer Blye overseeing the expansion. Blye will serve as a Business Development Director and he seems just as excited about the expansion as the rest of Status Labs saying, “I’m excited to help fuel our growth on the West Coast.” Before becoming a member of Status Labs Blye served as a strategist at the offices of Weber Shandwick, another global communications firm. Blye has done extensive work with huge companies like Verizon and Unilever.


The continued success of Status Labs can be pointed back toward the work of CEO Darius Fisher. Fisher has been the steady hand and the leading force in the continued growth of the company. Fisher had taken on the role of CEO a few years back. From 2012 to now Fisher has helped lead Status Labs to explosive growth, landing them on the Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Companies list. Status Labs’ newest expansion will only serve to help increase the reach and popularity of the company.



Doe Deere Created Lime Crime with a Purpose

When Doe Deere was just a beauty blogger, there were many times when she could not find the makeup that she wanted because it was something that she knew she needed to do. She wanted to find makeup that would suit her outrageous personality and this allowed her the chance to come up with ideas for her own makeup brand.

As a blogger, Doe had to make do with what she had, which wasn’t much. There were some makeup brands that had bright colors but these were mostly just brightly colored lipstick and some facial makeup. The wild neon colors that she desired were nowhere to be found in traditional makeup stores and drug store brands. She began to look for makeup in other sources and that eventually prompted her to just start her own makeup brand that had the colors that she wanted to be able to use on her face.

Some of the other makeup brands that make brightly colored makeup are not the best. They are low quality and they do not guarantee that they come from reputable sources. They can be uncomfortable to use at best and dangerous to use at worst. This means that people often had to resort to using lead-laden makeup that came from places like China and other countries where there were no laws on how makeup should be produced. Doe Deere didn’t want to do that and she certainly didn’t want to instruct her followers to do that when it came time to do tutorials on makeup.

For Doe Deere, that meant starting her own makeup line. This is the way that Lime Crime was born and was something that she felt she needed to do for herself, as well as for the people who followed her makeup blog. While the blog is no longer around, Doe Deere still sells brightly colored makeup through her website. The Lime Crime site carries it exclusively and gives everyone a chance to truly play with the makeup that she has. She wants people to be able to enjoy brightly colored makeup the way that she has.

Right now, Lime Crime only offers makeup for the lips and for the eyes. It has very limited collections and these can sometimes run out rather quickly. Doe Deere knows that but she does not want people to have only makeup that is for some occasions. She knows that it is important to be able to have makeup for everyone and she plans to bring more makeup to more people. The different things that she is going to do with her brand will be revolutionary and will be something that nobody has ever seen in the world of makeup.

Learn more: https://ideamensch.com/doe-deere/

Different Ways of Managing a Company’s Reputation Online

The latest technological advancements allow a client to view more about a particular brand or company from the internet before purchasing it. Research by onlinereputationreviews.com shows that 80% of the online buyers trust the reviews given online and they give recommendations on the same. Online reputation management helps in minimizing negative press, provision of excellent customer service and creating awareness about a particular brand. Hiring an online reputation management company is problematic to some individuals, small businesses, and startups. Therefore, there are ways of managing reputation online without the help of a company, which include:

  1. Embrace the use of social media

Creating a brand name on social media before someone else does it gives one more control of any eventualities that may happen. The company should include all the information about them on the “About” page. Use of appropriate keywords is necessary which makes it easier for the search engines to find your brand.

  1. Keep track of the company’s reputation online

Be proactive in checking what others are saying about your business online. Set up a custom feed with a particular keyword, which makes it easier to monitor what people are saying about your company/brand on social media. Creating Google Alerts also aid in determining what people said about your brand in the past and currently.

  1. Update all your internet sites

Publishing more information ensures that all one remains in the first or second pages of the search engines. The positive information about a company and its progressive works remains at the first or second pages of the search engines while the negative information remains at the bottom of the page. Keep the social media sites updated with the recent content of the blog posts, videos, company news, and press releases.

  1. Attend to criticisms

Responding in a professional, courteous, and collected way may be a way of improving the perception of your brand by the clients. The information about your services should be legitimate and transparent. Formulate an instant way of giving feedback to your customers too.

Other ways for improving your online reputation include; publishing more press releases online, owning several domains, Search Engine Optimization, and management of the company’s reviews.



Devco‘s $20 Million Loan Puts It in Trouble

Devco is one of the most respected corporations in New Brunswick. However, its reputation as a trustworthy and financially responsible corporation could soon be a thing of the past if the allegations about $20 million unpaid loan from CDRA is true.
According to an article that appeared on Press of Atlantic City, the corporation did not pay the interests and principal amounting to $1 million. To make matters worse, the company is already in arrears for five years. People have begun asking a lot of questions as to whether Devco has the moral ground to be entrusted with the city’s mega projects.

The loan, which was applied 11 years ago, was meant to boost the construction of The Heldrich, a hotel located in New Brunswick. The project was widely applauded by politicians including the President of the Senate Stephen Sweeney. The loan was a fraction of the $107 million collected by the corporation to build the hotel. However, the hotel has been a big disappointment to the corporation since it was completed in 2007.

About Devco

Devco is a non-profit organization tasked with ensuring New Brunswick is at par with current development standards required in a city. The company is behind over $1.6 billion worth of projects since it was started in the 1970s. Devco is well known for highly successful projects. Some of them include the New Stockton University City campus building, Middlesex County Family Courthouse and State Theatre Renovation.

The company prides itself in serving the community through a myriad of investments meant to accomplish certain goals. Its initiatives and development agendas are widely recognized in the country. Hence, it has been nominated for hundreds of awards. Under the leadership of Christopher Paladino, Devco continues to traverse the city’s developmental landscape with an aim to come up with a game-changing solution.


Lovaganza Explores New Areas In Film Making

In 2015, the Lovaganza foundation arrived in the small town of Frigliani in Spain and began filming the first step in its trilogy of movies designed to stand beside the global events the group has planned. The most important aspect of the foundation created by husband and wife film directing team J.F. and Genevieve Gagnon is to change the way the children of the world live their lives on euroweeklynews.com, and how they are treated by governments across the planet.

The goals of Lovaganza include making sure the best possible quality of life is available for all children across the planet that is only made possible by bringing peace to war torn areas of the world; the chance to live in a conflict free environment is something Lovaganza hopes to aid in creating by highlighting the different cultures of the world that are not understood by different groups. Quality of life is a major goal for Lovaganza and includes the group looking to work with existing groups to use the profits from its movie franchise to develop programs for creating clean water and abundant food for all children around the world. Education and employment opportunities also form a major part of improving quality of life, which Lovaganza hope to bring to the entire population of the world across the 21st century.

The first steps on finance.yahoo.com in improving life for people around the world were taken with the decision to step out of the movie studio and work in real locations around the world when creating “Follow Your Sunshine”; French-Canadian directing team J.F. and Genevieve have brought around $33,000 into the economy of the small Spanish town where around 50 local people were given the chance to work as extra’s for the movie.

“Follow Your Sunshine” and the rest of the trilogy top be released will appear as traditional movies at theaters around the world, but will also see a traveling projection system realized on a massive scale that will criss-cross the planet. An enormous screen will be constructed at each location providing a 180 degree screen that is known as Immerscope, which will allow every viewer to enjoy a unique and innovative experience.

Learn more about Lovaganza: http://celebmafia.com/marie-ange-casta-the-lovaganza-convoy-part-2-the-prophecy-set-photos-198928/

Loan Payments Missed on New Brunswick Project

Back in 2005, there were big plans for redevelopment in New Brunswick, as The New Brunswick Development Corporation (Devco) offered up a vision for a new hotel and conference center called The Heldrich. The idea was that Devco could be a model for how big scale projects could be built with public funds funneled into private development companies.
The reality, however, is that now a $1 million loan repayment on the project has been missed by The Middlesex County Improvement Authority. The Press of Atlantic City is reporting that the missed payments from the Improvement Authority are now adding up to a whopping $7 million.

The Heldrich has 235 rooms, but the hotel has had difficulty keeping the rooms full with enough guests since it opened back in 2007. The hotel has actually been so strapped for funds it has had to use its own money to pay for basic upkeep and improvements like buying new mattresses and carpeting.

The timing for The Heldrich’s opening in 2007 was difficult at best, as it coincided with the beginning of the real estate crash and the Great Recession that followed.

Christopher Paladino is the attorney who has been in charge of the development from the beginning. He defends the project, saying that the hotel turned a rundown area into something very special. He also added that he’d feel even better about it when all its debts are paid in full.


James Dondero’s Investment and Philanthropic Accomplishments

Highland Capital sells half its shares in Pendrell Corporation
Highland Capital Management has halved its interests in Pendrell Corporation. While the details of this deal have been sketchy, most of the information in the media has been extracted from the SEC 13G form filled for the transfer of shares.

These details have been extracted from a SEC filing that was made to the SEC to signify the transfer of shares as required by law. However, Highland Capital Management still owns a significant amount of shares at the company. James Dondero, through his company, still owns more than 23 million class A shares in the company.

The decision to divest was viewed by many as a lack of confidence in the company but many experts say that Highland Capital is not dumping shares. Rather, they argue that the firm is looking to make a profit through the sale of the shares since the company’s share value has been increasing steadily.

Pendrell Corporation is having a good year. The firm’s share price has gained over 39% in the last one year. Many investors who bought the shares at a low price are looking forward to selling the shares and making profits from their investments.

Pendrell is a NASDAQ listed company that sells, invests, and licenses intellectual property rights. The company has had tremendous growth in revenues in 2016 with its annual revenue being reported at $45 million.

Last year, the company signed a deal through its subsidiary company, Memory Technologies LLC, with Toshiba. This deal has brought the company considerable improvement in its credit ratings and reputation as it has solidified its assets and revenue streams.

Highland Capital Management was founded by James Dondero alongside his partner business Mark Okada over 20 years ago. The company boasts of over $18 billion in assets managed by the company and its subsidiaries. The company’s president has an extensive experience in managing global corporations having worked for Nexbank and Cornerstone Health Group.

Through James Dondero, the company has been able to garner success and an enviable investment reputation over the years. James is a graduate of University of Virginia where he majored in accounting and finance.

Source: http://www.dallasfoundation.org/ForDonors/DonorStories/JamesDondero/tabid/449/Default.aspx

Talk Fusion Is Bringing People Together in a Variety of Different Ways

Most people are aware that the telecommunications industry moves at a rapid pace. And the products they develop tend to change and improve at the same rate. But a recent awarding of the 2016 Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award from the Technology Marketing Corporation highlights how important the underlying vision of those products can be. The award was given to Talk Fusion, and their underlying philosophy is bringing something new to the telecommunications industry.

There was a time when the industry was all about creating connections. But in recent years device fragmentation has made that increasingly difficult. Phones used to connect people in the same way no matter what particular manufacturer one chose to go with. But these days competing manufacturers tend to only concentrate on allowing the best possible connections between their own devices. Certainly phone communication will work between any device. But the advanced multimedia services tend to be platform dependent.

And this is one of the reasons why Talk Fusion was honored with the Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award. As their name suggests, the company is all about creating a fusion of various technologies to further communication between people. Their software suite enables people to share not only audio, but crisp and clear video with each other. And not just within one platform, but all of the major hardware and software systems that are currently on the market. Their WebRTC development enables people to speak face to face over any smartphone, between phones and computers or a mix of the two.

It’s little wonder that the company is quickly rising up to expand even further with their video marketing solutions. They’re delivering a host of new opportunities for companies to make real and far more meaningful connections with customers and potential customers alike. In an increasingly wired world, it’s clear that a human touch can make a huge difference to people. And face to face contact, even through a digital system, is the kind of technique which leaves a lasting impression which other companies simply can’t compete with. That commitment to creating connections extends beyond the business sphere. Founder & CEO Bob Reina is also heavily involved in helping charities through the use of his company’s various innovations.

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