Doe Deere Created Lime Crime with a Purpose

When Doe Deere was just a beauty blogger, there were many times when she could not find the makeup that she wanted because it was something that she knew she needed to do. She wanted to find makeup that would suit her outrageous personality and this allowed her the chance to come up with ideas for her own makeup brand.

As a blogger, Doe had to make do with what she had, which wasn’t much. There were some makeup brands that had bright colors but these were mostly just brightly colored lipstick and some facial makeup. The wild neon colors that she desired were nowhere to be found in traditional makeup stores and drug store brands. She began to look for makeup in other sources and that eventually prompted her to just start her own makeup brand that had the colors that she wanted to be able to use on her face.

Some of the other makeup brands that make brightly colored makeup are not the best. They are low quality and they do not guarantee that they come from reputable sources. They can be uncomfortable to use at best and dangerous to use at worst. This means that people often had to resort to using lead-laden makeup that came from places like China and other countries where there were no laws on how makeup should be produced. Doe Deere didn’t want to do that and she certainly didn’t want to instruct her followers to do that when it came time to do tutorials on makeup.

For Doe Deere, that meant starting her own makeup line. This is the way that Lime Crime was born and was something that she felt she needed to do for herself, as well as for the people who followed her makeup blog. While the blog is no longer around, Doe Deere still sells brightly colored makeup through her website. The Lime Crime site carries it exclusively and gives everyone a chance to truly play with the makeup that she has. She wants people to be able to enjoy brightly colored makeup the way that she has.

Right now, Lime Crime only offers makeup for the lips and for the eyes. It has very limited collections and these can sometimes run out rather quickly. Doe Deere knows that but she does not want people to have only makeup that is for some occasions. She knows that it is important to be able to have makeup for everyone and she plans to bring more makeup to more people. The different things that she is going to do with her brand will be revolutionary and will be something that nobody has ever seen in the world of makeup.

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