IAP Worldwide Services Leads Global Logistics Service

IAP Worldwide Services has been leading the pack for 60 years in logistics, facilities management and advance professional and technical services. Their contact point online at iapws.com tells a dynamic story of how a number of companies earlier intertwined into a powerful company that knows how to deliver some of the most complicated services known to man. With central offices in Cape Canaveral, Florida, they operate in more than 100 locations worldwide, delivering the logistical support that make tough challenges possible.

From managing military installations the size of a city to making distant research bases in a place like Antarctica more than a pipe dream, IAP Worldwide Services has the expertise needed to empower fighting people and science to flourish and succeed. In early years, the company supported testing for more than 2,000 launches of missile systems that were still being tested and those being used. This speaks eloquently of the technical knowledge needed to succeed in this area. Clearly, IAP has mastered it.

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Later, the company, (then known as Johnson Controls), began working to increase efficiency and safety in military and commercial facilities. Improving and securing fire safety systems, lighting and more with automation enhanced the delivery of necessary facilities infrastructure to the facilities inhabitants. This met compelling customer requirements and, once again, required a mastery of technical skill.

In 1990, IAP adopted its present name. It entered into the realm of logistics and delivery for the military, and has formed a meaningful bond with our troops overseas. Initially, the goal was to supply electrical generators to Saudi Arabia. This soon transitioned into logistics to support U.S. troops in Operation Desert Storm. This partnership with the U.S. government continues today, as IAP leads the field in the supply of electrical generation and logistics. It also gives the country what it needs for disaster relief and emergencies such as Hurricane Katrina, and always puts our community first.

With over 1,600 employees IAP Worldwide Services works in more than 100 locations in more than 25 countries worldwide. They support over 175,000 personnel in military installations, both in the U.S. and the Middle East. Their disaster relief services and help for their customers advance health care and strengthen the environment. As they work with skill in science and technology to conquer these herculean challenges, they continue to improve lives with powerful humanitarian projects. IAP Worldwide is the expert in their field.

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