Just Fab is the best

JustFab is an online membership that lets you shop the season’s latest trends and gives you personalized recommendations from style experts based on the results of a style survey you fill out upon signing up.

Their VIP membership is 39.95, and you will receive a handpicked selection from a personal stylist every month between the 1st-5th. You can then choose to buy from what you see, request a different selection, or decide to skip a month with no obligation to buy anything. (http://www.justfab.com/how-justfab-works.htm)

Internet Retailer writes about how JustFab is one of the survivors out of many subscription-based companies which seem to be losing their popularity. During the first several months of 2016, they began to make a profit for the first time. The co-founder of the company, Adam Goldenberg, says they are growing and are even planning on a corporate name change to be announced soon.

In their success, they’re heading toward an IPO at some point. Some start-up companies have been able to achieve this, but it’s been increasing difficult with the tight competition over the years.
Most similar companies cease to exist, cooling down the contest for JustFab.

They pride themselves on being different from other subscription services by never sending the customer something they didn’t directly order so they can keep long-term relationships with their clients.

In 2014, a lawsuit took place when subscribers felt tricked into signing up for the subscription and not being able to cancel with ease. They agreed to pay $1.8 million to settle the lawsuit and has since made the subscription apparent when checking out, even adding some videos to clarify.

JustFab designs their products in-house and works with factories all around the world to maximize savings for their customers. They also take pride in eliminating some of the considerable costs of a fashion company by filming their advertisements themselves.