You Kabbalah Journey

The Kabbalah centre is for those who wish to enlighten and transform their lives. The Kabbalah centre is said to be steeped in the Jewish faith, but on more of a scientific and mystic level. While there is nothing wrong with this at all, there are a few things you need to know before you start taking your classes.

1)Some spiritual teachers within the Kabbalah Centre take the actual lessons and transform them for their own agenda and name sake. Please be weary of this. Please only take lessons and learn from the actual teachers. There are many within the center who claim to be the real deal, all while stealing information from those who have studied and educated others on beforehand. It’s best to go online and find a list of those truly connect with the study of Kabbalah. These teachers will teach you what you need to know to transform your life, without taking any money. The rest are merely charlatans looking to make name of themselves, by using the true ancient text.

2)The Zohar is the main book you will be learning from. It’s a collection of commentaries which can be found at full-length in the Torah. This book is meant to guide you on your journey towards “spirit of correctness”. This is the highest level of which a soul can achieve. This is a level that takes many souls a lifetime, even several lifetimes to get to. It’s basically a tool that is meant to guide a person in the right direction. Once you join the Kabbalah Centre, you will get a copy of each book.

The Torah is meant to be the literal interpretation. The Zohar is meant to be the hidden meaning behind the stories.
3)If you are interested in learning more, even becoming a student, it’s suggested you begin at a beginner’s level. Most students start off this way. The more you learn and apply yourself, the deeper you can go with your studying. Teachers at the center are there to assist you and help you learn from these books.

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