Fighting the War on Drug with Securus Technologies

Make no mistake about it, the war on drugs is alive and well inside the prisons of this country, and it appears to be getting worse. I have been working as a guard in our local prison for over seventeen years, and each year it seems these inmates come up with more creative ways to get those drugs into their cells, which then puts every person behind those walls in serious danger. We have a few things we do each day to try and slow down the flow of illegal drugs, but overcrowded cells and persistent inmates make it challenging.


Some of the things we do in our efforts to stop drugs from getting into the jail is to perform daily surprise cell inspections. Some of my team will also head over to the visitor center to do physical searches of the visitors coming to see the inmates, then the inmates before they can return to their cells. Finally, we take turns monitoring the telephone calls the inmates make, but that was about to change this year.


Securus Technologies was hired to install a modernized call monitoring system to listen to the inmates more closely. The LBS software does the work of my whole team, scanning all calls for verbiage that deals with drugs. The company CEO, Richard Smith, has committed his time and that of his staff to making the world safe for all of us. When you have thousands of these monitoring systems in jails around the country, you are doing something right.


Now we can identify which inmates are doing drugs in their cells. We can find out who and when drugs are being brought to the jail. We also can identify the inmates who are ordering others to sell drugs in the jail to raise money for the gangs who feel they rule the jail.